INNOVATION in EDUCATION……Online learning is present, not future

Innovation doesn’t depends on ‘AGE’ but the ‘IDEA’

Have you ever wondered that why we are struggling for the development even with the majority of youth in our country? Because it’s not about the numbers it’s about the quality of the youth. It is not that our youth is lacking the potential, strength or dream but it’s certainly lacking the quality education and the right guidance.
In such a situation an ‘old man’ with a ‘young mind’ in his 70s, trying to innovate the education. He’s trying to paint a new picture of education in India.
Dr. Praveen Tiwari is speaking to Dr. Vinod Tibrewala, Chancellor, JJT University about his innovation in education.

In need of Quality not Number
Needless to say that we have so called educated youth too but they are unemployable learned people as they lack skills required for today’s scenario.
In our country, institutes are increasing day by day but what is most required is the quality of the institutes not the increasing number. Vocational courses are a good move but again this is very little stepped ahead.
“We are still imposing conventional education system on our youth. It’s must for them to learn those things also which are not related to their core interests. Up to a certain age basic knowledge is important but to impose it during colleges is conventional education system. We must give subject specific knowledge to the students, subjects that interests them, this will save the time and one will be successful in making the zero defect product” – Dr. Tibrewala

Innovation above Convention
We are adopting all the technologies and systems but our education system is still remain the same as left by the British. Most unfortunate thing is that many of the international universities are running their online courses in India but we are still following the conventional way of education. Today’s need is the subject specific education with the apt opportunities for practical. It’s not about getting a degree it’s about getting the skill to create products with zero defects along with the degrees.
“Today’s youth is unemployed if we want him to be employed then he should be taught in first semester but in the next semester he must be send for gaining the practical knowledge in the subject that interests them, at least for two years” – Dr. Tibrewala

Need of the hour

We all must discourage the government jobs if we want to generate amazement of entrepreneurship and startups among the youth. British developed this charm for government job as they always wanted Indians to be on the lower level and developed this sort of system. No doubt it gives one the feeling of security but it stops the evolution of the innovation. It totally paralyses the creative zone among the capable youth.

Mission towards the Vision

“A good professor or lecturer is confined to a certain institute and only few privileged students are able to reach his lecture. If we start live streaming of these lectures then million of student would be benefited by it. I always emphasize on practical platform also. Such students should also get an opportunity to do practical at various factories, companies or whatever the student is studying.” – Dr. Tibrewala

Liberate the ‘LIBERTY’

Market and industries need skilled people not degrees from certain institutes. Betterment in the education system needs new idea generation and UGC need to give more freedom to the private institutes.
“JJT University is trying its best under whatever freedom is available from government to a private university. I don’t say that all the institutes are not innovating the education system in India but majority is on the conventional track.” – Dr. Tibrewala

Government has implemented many programs, but now the time has come when we should stop blaming the government for everything. Social entrepreneurship is the need of the time.

Immediate steps to be taken
“Our education system is one of the oldest in the world, and all the education programs have come on YouTube, hence, whole world now is in your fist. Things are changing and one must adapt according to the change, then only we can move ahead with the time.” – Dr. Tibrewala

Sarpanch and collectors of the village should make it compulsory for the children to attend the schools in spite giving the greed for mid day meals.
Children in the villages must be taught the vocational skills along with the other subjects, so that they can become skill oriented.
IIT’s should be merged with colleges and universities as they are not properly functioning and are not giving desired results.
Old machines must be replaced by the good ones.
Education must be provided online, and complete process must be made internet oriented

“If these steps are taken then only the brain drain from our country would stop. When the obsession for government job won’t go and government doesn’t brings any policies like you have to leave the job after 10 years, then only this country can improve and a revolution has to be brought in to change the scenario or else India will definitely be behind others.” – Dr. Tibrewala
A dream is not INNOVATION if there is no realization for the CHANGE

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