Special: Hearts beat faster as V-Day approaches

For the die-hard romantics already running crazy to find ways to express their love for the special someone, Valentine’s Day is no less than an annual festival, a day to celebrate love as if there was no tomorrow. While that special someone may vary from person to person, the spirit remains the same.

You must want to get it right for Valentine’s Day by setting the perfect mood for you and your partner to enjoy in a special way.

Whether you have been married for a long time, newly-weds, or just dating, you should learn the ways to use romance to spice up your love life.

So what can you do that is different for this year’s Valentine’s celebration?

It is a week night and you have to think of work for the next day, so you should consider what is most practical and affordable. Entertaining at home may be your best option to avoid going back into the traffic after a hard day’s work and spending more than you want to on eating out. Home is where the heart is anyway, so it is a good place to start.

You will have to work out the plan carefully if you want this celebration to be special. You have to be highly organized to get the place in the mood for love. It means mapping out your strategy for how you will entertain depending on the layout of your home and how you will keep most of it a surprise. You should make the assessment early to identify what you will need to get.

Dinner is a given in this romantic home surprise but what comes before dinner? Make a head start by adding some changes to the home decor, especially in the bedroom. You could hang a cupid or place a picture of when you were dating on the bedside table. You may want to add soft furnishings or use red and white themes in the curtains. You can change the lighting to add that special touch.

You should have prepared for your romantic dinner well in advance, so you have very little to do. Set a small table, if possible, so your knees will touch when you are seated. If you do not have one, you can rent one for the occasion, along with tablecloth and napkins in red and white or rose. This is a great occasion to use your best china and crystal and fine silverware.

You can prepare the meal alone, but it is an unexplainable sensual feeling when you can have your lover in the kitchen to cook with you. It gives you a chance to be playful.

Since your task is to please your partner, candles and natural flowers must be included to excite and evoke pleasurable aromas and thoughts. Be careful in using highly scented flowers or candles as these could trigger sinuses and spoil the evening.

Soft lights and sweet music is an age-old advice. Set up soothing background music and use candles or the dimmer switch to bring the lights down low. You should have put your champagne to chill before dinner so it will be ready for popping and pouring.

Surprise your lover by presenting a special gift, something that he or she has been wanting. Have the gift specially wrapped and make the opening an event in itself. With dimmed lights and soft music, blindfold your lover and make him or her unfold slowly and guess what it is.

After the meal, rekindle the romance by spending time with each other. Relax on the sofa with soothing music and just hold hands. This element of touching is the icing in foreplay as it leads to intense fondling and caressing. Just spending time close to your partner is often enough to rekindle romance. Share your dreams and talk of the past and of your hopes and desires as you move forward together.

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to rekindle the flame of love. In many cases, a romantic surprise is not difficult to organize and the romance and spark it generates can last for weeks. Also, it clearly indicates to your partner the depth of your affection. So why not surprise your lover this Valentine’s Day with a special home-made treat that is sure to make him or her think of you in a loving way?

By: Tanisha Chohan

(India Halla Bol)

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