संत कबीर के दोहे – भाग 2 | Kabeer Ke Dohe – Part 2

अवगुण कहू शराब का , आपा अहमकहोय |

मानुष से पशुआ भय , दाम गाँठ से खोये||

A person loses his balance if he takes liquor. He becomes a beast by spending his own money.

उज्जवल पहरे कापड़ा , पान सुपारी खाय |

एक हरी के नाम बिन , बंधा यमपुर जाय||

The robes are very impressive. The mouth is full of fresheners. But see if you want to avoid hell you should remember God.

हरी सांगत शीतल भय , मिति मोह की ताप |

निशिवासर सुख निधि , लाहा अन्न प्रगत आप्प ||

Those who realize God become calm and cool. They put an end to their heat of infatuation. They are blissful day and night.

आवत गारी एक है , उलटन होए अनेक |

कह कबीर नहीं उलटिए , वही एक की एक ||

If someone says us a word of abuse, we give back many words of abuse. Kabir says that we should not do that. Let one word of abuse remain one only.

प्रेमभाव एक चाहिए , भेष अनेक बनाय |

चाहे घर में वास कर , चाहे बन को जाए ||

You may stay at home or you may go to woods. If you want to remain connected with God, you should have love in your heart.

साधू सती और सुरमा , इनकी बात अगाढ़ |

आशा छोड़े देह की , तन की अनथक साध ||

A good person, a lady that burns ablaze on the pyre of her husband and a brave man do something very great. They are not at all concerned with what happens to their body.

जग में बैरी कोई नहीं , जो मन शीतल होय |

यह आपा तो डाल दे , दया करे सब कोए ||

There are no enemies in the world if our mind is cool. If we don’t have ego all are merciful to us.

फल कारन सेवा करे , करे ना मन से काम |

कहे कबीर सेवक नहीं , चाहे चौगुना दाम ||

He is not doing anything to serve God. He expects four times return for whatever he does. He is not a devotee of God.

कबीरा यह तन जात है , सके तो ठौर लगा |

कई सेवा कर साधू की , कई गोविन्द गुण गा ||

Kabir says that this body of ours is approaching death. We should do something worthwhile. We should serve good people. We should remember virtue of God.

सोना सज्जन साधू जन , टूट जुड़े सौ बार |

दुर्जन कुम्भ कुम्हार के , एइके ढाका दरार ||

Good people won’t take time to be good again even after something is done to distance them away. Gold is malleable and not brittle. Bad people won’t return and stay away forever if something happens with them. Earthen pot made by a pitcher is brittle and once broken it is broken forever.

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