संत कबीर के दोहे – भाग 1 | Kabeer Ke Dohe – Part 1

बाहर क्या दिखलाये , अंतर जपिए राम |

कहा काज संसार से , तुझे धानी से काम ||

There is no need of any show. You should chant Ram internally. You should not be concerned with the world but with the master of the world.

जब ही नाम हिरदय धर्यो , भयो पाप कानाश |

मानो चिनगी अग्नि की , परी पुरानी घास||

Once you remember God it causes destruction of all sins. It is like a spark of fire contacting a heap of dry grass.

सुख सागर का शील है , कोई पावे थाह |

शब्द बिना साधू नहीं , द्रव्य बिना नहीं शाह ||

Politeness is a boundless ocean of bliss. None can fathom depth of politeness. As a person without money can’t be rich, a person can’t be good without politeness.

ऊँचे पानी ना टिके , नीचे ही ठहराय |

नीचा हो सो भारी पी , ऊँचा प्यासा जाय ||

Water flows down and it won’t hang in air. Those who know the ground realities enjoy water, those who are floating in air can’t.

जहा काम तहा नाम नहीं , जहा नाम नहीं वहा काम |

दोनों कभू नहीं मिले , रवि रजनी इक धाम ||

He who remembers God knows no sensual pleasures. He who doesn’t remember God takes delight in sensual pleasures. God and sensual pleasures won’t unite as there can be no union of the Sun and the night.

प्रेम प्याला जो पिए , शीश दक्षिणा दे |

लोभी शीश दे सके , नाम प्रेम का ले ||

One who wants to drink a glass of love should pay for it by offering his head. A greedy man can’t offer his head and talks about love.

दया भाव ह्रदय नहीं , ज्ञान थके बेहद |

ते नर नरक ही जायेंगे , सुनी सुनी साखी शब्द ||

They have no mercy in their heart. They are tired due to labor of gaining knowledge. They will definitely go to hell as they know nothing else but dry words.

प्रेम बड़ी उपजी , प्रेम हात बिकाय |

राजा प्रजा जोही रुचे , शीश दी ले जाय ||

One can’t reap harvest of love at one’s field. One can’t buy love at market place. He whosoever likes love, he may be a King or a common man, he should offer his head and become eligible to be a lover.

कामी क्रोधी लालची , इनसे भक्ति ना होए |

भक्ति करे कोई सूरमा , जाती वरण कुल खोय ||

What kind of devotion can you expect from a man of sensual pleasures, anger or greed? The valiant person who leaves behind his family and caste can be a true devotee.

बैद मुआ रोगी मुआ , मुआ सकल संसार |

एक कबीरा ना मुआ , जेहि के राम आधार ||

A physician has to die, a patient has to die. Kabir won’t die as he has offered himself to Ram who is the all pervading consciousness.

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