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The world is full of rich and natural resources, but the question is how much we use it? Human beings run for the man- made resources, resources that are more stylish and contains a toxic compounds which has a harmful effect on our environment leading to various kinds of pollution. Many a times we feel guilty of the usage & treatment done towards our heavenly body Earth. Modernization, environmental influences, lifestyle is destroying the environment and we are making it uninhabitable for our future generations.

We all have heard the proverb “A Friend in need is a friend indeed”, this time our environment is the friend. We must put hand in hand and start this mission of eco friendliness from our own home by placing the furniture that is eco friendly in nature. These products are not only good for our Environment (earth) but also good for our Health as there is no toxic chemicals that can damage and pollute our surroundings.

Selection of products in terms of style, décor and health are easily available.  it is in vogue  to have a eco friendly furniture made up of renewable resources sourced from industrial and consumer wastes. Some sustainable materials are also used as their growth rate is faster then its consuming rate and prevents the depletion of natural resources. Furniture made from plants that use scarce water and use energy in efficient ways are also the best used Home furniture’s. It is one of the way to prevent from deforestation, soil erosion and global warming..

Wood is the most precious part of man’s life. In ancient time wood was the source of fire & energy.

In terms of wood we should select bamboo, wicker which are really cost effective, comfortable and make your furniture more stylish and elegant. The eco friendly furniture use the natural based dyes which are good for health as well as for our environment. Regular furniture are usually sprayed with toxic paints and waxes. These are harmful for our environment as they become old, unused and thrown any which way they pollute our surroundings. Fortunately, the concern for healthy environment has prompted man to think again and again on the use of wood.

A small contribution of an individual i.e together we can and we will make the Difference will be beneficial for our Planet Earth. Whenever we cut a tree we must plant a tree at the same time. The wood use for eco friendly furniture’s are made from recycled resources and secondly from the forest where the plantation activity is well taken care of.  One of the reasons for climatic changes, global warming can be the use of regular furniture’s. Individual choice, style can vary but when it comes to health everybody is conscious and opt for best and healthy product i.e eco friendly furniture which is not harmful for you and the environment.

We might be thinking that marketing, availability of these products would not be an easy task. Let me tell, you don’t have to search in the market, nor you have to run in stores for sale, the simple way is to go online. Yes you might be surprised but these products are available online, so go and shop easily and make your environment clean and green.

The enormous use of wood has led to deforestation, resulting in Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming. Keeping all these things in mind we come across the ecologically friendly furniture where the use of wood is also less and more and more use of waste products, the use of renewable resources which are not harmful for the environment. We must go green in our home. Home is the best place to start our mission. We can use plywood’s, wrought irons, metals, stones etc. to get the new stylish and elegant furniture for our house.

We must always think what is good for the consumers and environment. Keeping both of them simultaneously we can come up with the final verdict that anything that is good for health, is good for everyone.  Go green with the environment and make your home decorated with more style. It’s the time to think and put hand together for your little contribution in making your home, environment clean and eco friendly. Plant a tree before you cut a tree. Save your natural resources and make use of them at its fullest. They can add beauty not only to your home but also your environment.

By: Kritika Arora Gera

(India Halla Bol)

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