Reading Female Body Language and Sex Signals – बॉडी लैंग्‍वेज से जानिये सेक्‍स सिग्‍नल

खुल जाते हैं और दोनों होठों पर थोड़ी तरलता आ जाती है। होठ और गाल समेत पूरे चेहरे की लालिमा बढ़ जाती है, क्‍योंकि उन भागों में रक्‍त का प्रवाह तेज हो जाता है।

कामातुर स्‍त्री प्‍यार पाने के लिए अपने पैरों को एक-दूसरे से रगड़ती है। ऐसा करके वह अपनी कोमल और प्रेमासक्‍त भावना का इजहार करती है। ध्‍यान रखने वाली बात यह है कि हर परिस्थिति और हर व्‍यक्ति पर बॉडी लैंग्‍वेज के ये सूत्र लागू हों, यह कोई आवश्‍यक नहीं है। सामान्‍य अवस्‍था में स्त्रियां अपने दोनों पैरों को सटाकर रखना पसंद करती हैं, जबकि काम के आवेश में आने के बाद उसके दोनों पैरों के बीच की दूरी अचानक ही बढ़ जाती है।

Reading Female Body Language and Sex Signals

Rejection is no fun. Asking someone out, only to be shot down in flames, can be a major blow to the ego. That’s where body language can help. A large percentage of human communication is based on body language – gestures and movements that can signal our thoughts and feelings even more accurately than words. The challenge is determining whichof these signals indicate sexual attraction.

Female body language is loaded with sexual cues and women are much more aware of courtship signals than men are. According to The Definitive Book of Body Language, by Allen and Barbara Pease, “Women initiate up to 90 percent of flirtatious encounters, but it is done so subtly that most men think they are taking the lead.”

So let’s get your observational skills honed up. Here are the ten most common body-language clues that a woman gives out if she’s interested in taking it further with you.

  1. Preening and the head/hair toss
    Both men and women preen. Preening is any motion that emphasizes attractiveness and is sort of a pseudo tidying-up of oneself. She will smooth her hair, sit or stand straighter to emphasize her breasts or adjust her clothing. This self-grooming says; “I want to look attractive for you,” while highlighting areas of sexual interest by tilting her hips if she’s standing, licking her lips, crossing her legs and flicking her hair.

The hair flick is often the first display a woman will use around a man she is interested in. She flicks her head back to toss her hair over her shoulder. Women with short hair do this as well. Raising an arm to smooth, twirl or play with her hair are variations. This allows her to bring attention to her breasts, as well as expose her armpit which releases more pheromones into the air.

  1. Eye contact
    The old saying that the eyes are the “windows to the soul” has a lot of merit. Most eye contact is restricted to brief looks. Prolonged eye contact can signal strong emotions and great interest in a subject – attraction or anger. If a woman purposely maintains eye contact with you for what seems a bit too long, looks away and down, and then looks back at you, then she could be signaling her interest. Repeatedly looking at you is another positive sign.

Another look of female interest is the side-ways glance. There are different variations of this glance. Often done with the head tipped down and slightly raised eyebrows, the eyes peep out to the side in what is both a shy and

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