The Money: Respected or loved?

“Without money there is no honey”, this statement makes a powerful impact on everyone’s mind. No one can deny with this fact that without money it becomes very difficult to survive. But the question which gives birth to this fact is whether money should be loved or respected? In my opinion money should be respected, if it is being loved, then there is a possibility that it can become your passion, madness for which you can cross any limit, and make troublesome situation for oneself. Love is something for which you can fight with the entire world, it becomes the main focus of your life, and love is something for which you can make any sacrifice. And in today’s era where money is before God, where keen relationships have no value in comparison to money; in such situations if someone start loving money the result could  be understood.

If money becomes priority, family, friends, relatives and responsibilities towards them become secondary or out of focus in extreme cases, and to lead a good life they can’t be overshadowed as they play vital role in life. Though it is important to have status in society, which can be seen by others through the way of life style, luxurious items afforded etc. But money can’t be everything; we can buy anything except happiness.

Money is a basic requirement to survive, even to quench your thirst one has to pay some bucks. To earn little amount of money one has to work day and night at its fever pitch, to get his/her salary to fulfill one’s needs. The thing which you acquire after such a hard work should be respected. Respect is a feeling which makes you to admire a person or thing. It simply means that one can’t be an extravagant, should invest money where it is actually needed.

So it is true that “Without money there is no honey”, but sometime too much of sweetness becomes bad for health. Eat the way which can be easily possible to digest.

Neha Shandilya,

India Halla Bol

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