Life! A Nostalgia of Entertainment

Life! What is life.. Dreams full of passion or elements mixed with desire. It depends actually on individuals. LIFE for me is “Live in full entertainment.” Live your life as you desire but actually an individual is some or the other way bound by his or her responsibilities, which leads to a compromise and at last dump of feeling, desire or passion. You start living for someone else, someone whom you love, trust and ready to shed your dreams into his or hers dream, taking all this as your priority and responsibility.

Why an individual not able to lead his or her life. I think we have been given a right to live by our constitution sometimes it is good that you lead others  life as you come across that it was not only you who desire for things but also millions of individuals who daily pray to god and ask for the fulfillment. God is one and demands are in bulk.

Life dreams, respire, exhale then why not live your Life? Live your Life as you want because opportunity knocks the door only once.

By: Simran

(India Halla Bol)

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