संत कबीर के दोहे – भाग 6 | Kabeer Ke Dohe – Part 6

पतिबरता मैली भली ,गले कांच को पोत |

सब सखियाँ में यो दिपै ,ज्यो रवि ससी कोज्योत ||

A woman committed to her family is looks better in her old robes and lace of glass beads round her neck. She shines amidst her friends as the moon shines amidst stars.

भगती बिगाड़ी कामिया , इन्द्री करे सवादी |

हीरा खोया हाथ थाई , जनम गवाया बाड़ी ||

A lustful person has damaged his devotion and his sense organs are enjoying the flavor. He has lost a diamond and missed essence of life.

परनारी रता फिरे , चोरी बिधिता खाही |

दिवस चारी सरसा रही , अति समूला जाहि ||

A man who takes delight in a woman belonging to others runs as a thief in nights. He derives mean pleasure for few days and then perishes with all his roots.

कबीर कलि खोटी भाई , मुनियर मिली कोय |

लालच लोभी मस्कारा , टिंकू आदर होई ||

This is the age of Kaliyug. Here a man who practices sense restraint is rare. People abound with greed, covetousness and trifles.

कबीर माया मोहिनी , जैसी मीठी खांड |

सतगुरु की कृपा भई , नहीं तोउ करती भांड ||

The delusion is very sweet in its action over mind. Thanks God that I got blessings of my preceptor otherwise I would have been blank.

राम पियारा छड़ी करी , करे आन का जाप |

बेस्या कर पूत ज्यू , कहै कौन सू बाप ||

If one forgets God and remembers something else, he is like a son of a prostitute who doesn’t know who his father is.

जो रोऊ तो बल घटी , हंसो तो राम रिसाई |

मनही माहि बिसूरना , ज्यूँ घुन काठी खाई ||

Now what should I do. If I weep my energy level goes down. If I laugh Ram doesn’t like that. This dilemma eats my heart like a wood-eater ant.

सुखिया सब संसार है , खावै और सोवे |

दुखिया दास कबीर है , जागे अरु रावे ||

The world is so happy, they eat and sleep. Kabir is so sad he keeps awake and weeps.

परबत परबत मै फिरया , नैन गवाए रोई |

सो बूटी पौ नहीं , जताई जीवनी होई ||

Kabir searched from one mount to another mount but he couldn’t get the herb that creates life.

कबीर एक जन्या , तो बहु जनया क्या होई |

एक तै सब होत है , सब तै एक होई ||

Kabir says that you don’t know the one thing and you know many other things. That one thing can accomplish all, these many things are useless.

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